American / Nordhaus and Romer will get Nobel in Economics, Award for Innovation in Economic Research

This year the Economics Nobel will be given to two American economists. William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer will receive this award. They will get award for research on economic growth. Both of them have researched on climate change and economic growth. Professor of Nodhos Yale University, Römer joined the University of New York.

Romar, who has been the chief economist of the World Bank:

William Nordhaus is a professor at Yale University and Paul Roper New York’s Stern Business School. 77-year-old Nordhaus started research on environmental issues in the 1970s. They studied the economic losses of global warming. They also have integrated integrated economics and scientific computer models to deal with the problems of climate change.

At the same time, 62-year-old Römer has been the Chief Economist of the World Bank. Romer has been emphasizing the use of new technology for long term growth. He has also demanded to provide government help to attract more students towards science and engineering.


Chemistry and Physics Awards also included the names of Americans:

This year, America’s Arthur Ashkin, Gerard Morrow of France and Donna Strickland of Canada will be given Nobel Physics for research on laser physics. The 96-year-old Ashkin will receive a Nobel prize money for research on optical tweezers. However, two other winners will have to share the remaining amount of prize money.

The chemistry was given to Nobel America’s Frances H. Arnold, George P Smith, and Sir Gregory P. Winter of Britain. The three scientists will be given the award for their research on enzymes responsible for development, peptides and antibodies.

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