The New Feature update will come soon on facebook messenger, typing will not be necessary..

Facebook Messenger will soon be able to get rid of typing to chat and you will be able to talk only after speaking. According to a report of ‘TechCrunch”, soon people will be able to type their messages by speaking with the help of this feature and you will be able to prepare reminder as well.


A Facebook Messenger spokesperson also confirmed that Facebook is internally testing the voice command feature. The spokesman says, “We often experience new experiences about the messenger among employees. But I can not say anything more than that. ‘This new feature will give the user’ hands-free ‘facility.


It is believed that this new feature is part of Facebook’s upcoming portal video chat screen device. According to the information, Messenger wants to show itself apart from SMS, Snapchat, Android Message and other text messages forums. Currently, 130 million people are using Messenger in the world.

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