The New group feature in Google Maps, get know how it works..

The Google Maps now a days it is  the most important thing in the Modern world  to search place and explore it so google has added the new features in the google maps for groups .If your are in a group and travelling  and Exploring the new place but because  big  group it is difficult to manage all people so to help you out  the google maps have introduced some new features specially for the Groups.

These new group features of Google are also being called planning tools, with the help of which you can share links to the restaurants coming in your way to your friends.’


                            ******GET KNOW HOW TO USE IT******


1. First go to the Google Maps app.
2. Here you go to the Explorer tab in the Restaurants.
3. Here you go to the location and press long.
Whatever the link you find, you should drop it in a small floating bubble, this bubble will appear on the screen to the right of the app.
After shortlisting your place, you can share it via any social media platform like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts etc.


On shared links, you see all the restaurants on that location that you shortlist for your friend. You can also vote for these shortlisted restaurants or even like or dislike them. All members of the group will also have the option to add or remove any location. You can access any shared links through Group Members Google Maps App. Google has told about this feature via a blog post that this feature works after new updates to Google Maps are downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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