Namaste England Movie Review

Making a second film on the lines of redeeming your last successful and popular film can be a great way for a filmmaker, but for the viewer, it becomes very difficult at the time when he goes to expectations like a previous movie and his hands There is nothing except boredom. Yes, we are talking about producer-director Vipul Amrit Lal Shah’s ‘Namaste England’. About a decade ago, Vipul Amrutalal Shah brought ‘Namaste London’ with a pair of Akshay-Katrina, and at that time the story and music of the film were also liked. Although the director repeatedly claimed that ‘Namaste England’ is a fresh story, but regret does not present any freshness in the film.


                                             **Story of the flim**

The story begins with the common and thousands of times used love story prescriptions, where Param (Arjun Kapoor) is in love with Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra) suddenly after love, when Jasmeet is dancing in the Dusse festival Sees while doing Being a zoology designer is Jasmeet’s dream. Actually, she deserves that she should stand on her feet and do something. Although her grandfather and brother believe that women are meant to raise children and take over the house That is why they are firmly against Jasmeet’s job. But Jasmeet wants to fulfill her dreams at any cost and she is ready to marry the ultimate only because she will allow her to get a job after marriage. Both of these are married, but there are many problems in getting settled abroad. Then there comes a twist on the Interwale Point, where Jasmeet falsely mocks a false marriage and goes to London. Like the ultimate viewer, the audience is also surprised at this twist. Jasmeet is planning to go abroad and get citizenship there and fulfill the dreams of his and the ultimate. Now, to reach Jasmeet, the story goes on to unlock the ultimate ill-fame and to get a glimpse of Jasmeet for planning a false marriage, but the predictable climax hurts you badly.

                                                   **Review of the flim**

The director has kept the tagline of his film story, ‘Love can make any distance’, but in the film the way he defined love, he looks very unreliable. Due to weak story and loose screenplay, the film seems to be cumbersome. Though Iainic Manolepolis’s cinematography is enticing from India and Europe, but it does not help to save the film. The rating of the film on IMDB is 4.2. The pair of Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra were very liked in 2012, ‘Ishqzade’, but the style they have written in their roles has not been successful. Chemistry of Arjun and Parineeti is also missing. Although both actors have put a lot of emphasis on their performance. The supporting roles of the film are also weak. Talking about music, in the presence of many musicians, people like the song ‘Bharat bazaar’. It has been able to make 12th place in the list of Top Fifteen on Radio Mirchi.


**Our opinion**

Do not waste your money and time on this movie.

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