Indian Air Force upgraded MiG-29 that took part in the Kargil war, Now it is very dangerous..

Air Force says that after the improvement in the MiG-29 taken from Russia, its firepower has increased. Lieutenant Karan Kohli, who was stationed at Adampur Air Force Station, said that MiG-29 can now be fueled in the air, it is also suitable for modern missiles. He said that due to the ability of the all-rounder, these fighter will give new force to the IAF battling the shortage of jet.


The ability to respond even in two-pronged attack – Air Force:

An official told on condition of anonymity- Last week, Upgraded MiG-29 flew from Adampur Air Force Station and displayed new war capabilities. When the officer was asked whether it would be helpful at the time of war with China and Pakistan at the same time, he said, if compared to the newly upgraded fighter jet from MiG-29 brought during 1980, Is able to respond well.


Enemy ship attack after takeoff in 5 minutes:

He said- Upgrad meg is the ability of vertical takeoff, which increases the strength of the IAF. Within 5 minutes of the enemy ship trying to enter the Indian air border, it can take takeoff and destroy it. Due to the air re-fueling facility, it can fly much longer than the previous version.


Equipped with modern technology, the range grew:

MiG-29 in the pilot said: “There is now a multi-functional display (MFD), digital screen and glass cockpit. Due to the upgrade version, the range of fighter jets has also increased. In the old legacy aircraft we were limited in some aspects. But, now we can do air, air, land and anti-shipping campaigns too.

Adampur Air Force Station is very important. It is about 100 kilometers from the border of Pakistan and 250 kilometers from the border of China. Now this Air Force Station has 3 squadrons of MiG aircraft. A squadron consists of 16-18 fighter aircraft. Lieutenant Kohli said that now we have a flexible fighter plane. Pilots can change their positions and these aircraft can fight in any situation.


Air Force is battling shortage of fighter planes:

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said that the Air Force is battling shortage of fighter planes. There are 31 squadrons of fighter planes and 42 are allowed. Even if we have 42 squadrons, then we are less than the squadron capacity of our regional opponents’ joint fighters.