#MeToo: Singer Sona Mahapatra also accused Kailash Kher

Singer Sona Mahapatra has made several tweets alleging Kailash Kher that Kailash had tried to touch them wrongly. Sona has supported all the women who have shared their stories under the #MeToo Campaign.

As everyone knows, Sona Mahapatra openly expresses her opinion on every issue and she never hesitates to keep his side.

However, sometimes due to this, there is a troll on social media too.

Recently, a fan wrote about 2 other women with his bad experience with singer Kailash Kher. After this, Sona also tweeted her experience with Kailash.

Sona told that once she was singing a song with Kailash Kher, he would constantly put his hands on her thighs and say that she is very beautiful. Sona tweeted about this and responded to those who oppose her.


Recently, a photojournalist had also accused Kailash Kher of molestation. After this Kailash had apologized to the media saying that he greatly respected women and can not even think of doing such acts.


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