Users will soon be able to get an account link from Instagram and Facebook from WhatsApp

Whatsapp is constantly adding new features to its Android and iOS platforms. The company is soon preparing to introduce three new features in addition to the Steakers, PiP mode. The first feature linked accounts are that the users will be able to link their Whatsapp with Instagram and Facebook. Currently, the company has not provided any information about why this feature is being brought. The second feature is Silent Mode. Under this, no app badges will appear in muted chats. At the same time, there is a third feature vacancies mode whereby the hassle of archive chats will be removed.



**Learn about the Whatsapp Linked Account feature**

Some time ago, there was a possibility that users would be able to recover their Facebook account using their Whatsapp account. The coming of this new feature will prove to be true. Whatsapp has started working on the linked accounts feature. Whatsapp will be linked to Facebook and Instagram. If this happens then users will be able to recover their accounts using Whatsapp.


**Learn about the Whatsapp Vacation Mode feature**

Everyone knows that WhatsApp gives users the option to archive chat. But now it happens that if a new message arrives in archive chat, the chat automatically gets unarchived. There will be considerable changes in the coming of this new feature. This feature is very demanded by the users. In Vacation Mode, if the user does not want to see any chat in their home screen or a resident chat list, then they can archive without deletion. Under this mode chat will not be unarchived unless the user manually checks it manually. This feature is currently being worked on. According to WABetaInfo, this feature will be first given to iOS users.


**Whatsapp silent mode feature rollout happening for Android users**

This feature has been recently introduced for users of the version of Android 8.0 or above or above. Let me tell you that the Whatsapp app badge also showed muted chats in the past. But the problem will also end after the arrival of this feature. App badges will not be shown on muted chats in Silent mode.