Indonesia Crash, 189 passengers were aboard after plane suddenly disappeared in 13 minutes..

The plane of the Lone Airlines of Donetsia, crashing shortly after the flight, went into the sea. This accident happened during the morning flight from the capital Jakarta. An officer said – after the news of the crash of the plane, the investigation and rescue work started. Aircraft crashes have been confirmed.


Airlines spokesman Yusuf Latif said – “It is not yet known how many people were in the plane. A total of 189 passenger riders are reported in this aircraft. Indonesia’s Disaster Agency spokesman Suitopo Porfo Nugroho posted some of the pictures of the accident that happened on Twitter, in which a smartly broken smartphone, books, bags, parts of the aircraft are showing. Sailors and rescue pirates have gathered this stuff to the place of accident.


The spokesman said that there were 181 passengers in the aircraft, including three children. In addition, seven crew members were also boarded the plane. Indonesian TV channels are showing fuel in the sea and photos of aircraft debris by filling the fuel with the plane.



Boeing aircraft of 737 Max 8 model from Jakarta, Indonesia, flew to Iceland Sumatra for a city called Pangkal Pingang. The last contact with the aircraft was reached at 6-33. At that time, the plane had just taken 13 minutes to fly from the airport. On this incident, the airline’s chief executive Edward Cerat said that we are not in a position to say anything yet, we are trying to gather as much information and data on the aircraft accident.

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