Happy Halloween 2018: Why is Halloween celebrated in scary way? Know Everything About Festivals

                     **Halloween 2018: Know why Halloween is celebrated**


The Halloween 2018 is being celebrated today in the world today ie 31 October (31 October 2018). This festival is celebrated with great fanfare in Western countries. This festival is celebrated for the peace of the ancestors’ soul. Although people wear new clothes in festivals, but in this festival, people do such clothes and make-up that they get scared. Each year this festival is celebrated on October 31. Christians celebrate this festival with pomp. Happy Halloween is also called Hallows Eve, All Saints Eve, All Hallow Evening, All halloween. Non-Christian people celebrate this festival in many places with pomp and fanfare.




Halloween is celebrated in America, England and European countries. But this festival began with Ireland and Scotland. This day is the last day of the Celtic calendar. Therefore, it is celebrated as the beginning of the new year between the Celtic people. According to legends, Irish people make Jack O’Lantern on Halloween.


People make eye, nose, and mouth in the hollow of pumpkin and keep candles inside. Which is hung outside the house or on the trees. After which he is buried. Children on this day take chocolates from neighbors and relatives. In many countries it has different customs.


On Halloween, people wear scary costumes and party fiercely. On this day friends and family play many games together. One such game is Apple Bowling. Where Apple live in the water tub. The one who first picks out the teeth, wilters. People kind of enjoy on Halloween.

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