Google just announced its new phone, the Pixel 3, google home hub ,google pixel Slate .


Google launched its new Pixel 3  Smartphone at a press event in the New york on Tuesday.

It’s one in every of many merchandise that were expected throughout Google’s event. Google conjointly declared the picture element Slate, a replacement Chromebook pill which will double as a portable computer, and Google Home Hub that is sort of a Google Home sensible speaker however with a inbuilt screen.

Here’s the summing up of everything Google declared Tuesday.


The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Smartphones:

The picture element three succeeds last year’s picture element a pair of phone. it’ll be obtainable in 2 sizes: a five.5-inch commonplace model and a half dozen.3-inch XL model. Google aforementioned the front speakers area unit forty p.c louder than last year, and its new plastic OLED screen is that the best Google has employed in a phone. that is necessary, since there have been heaps of complaints concerning the picture element a pair of show once it 1st launched last year.

Google spent heaps of your time chatting concerning however sensible the camera on the picture element three is. Last year’s picture element 2’s camera remains thought of one in every of the most effective phone cameras on the market. Google aforementioned this year’s device has school that is “generations earlier than alternative phones” with a custom imaging chip that enhances pictures right the device. (Apple conjointly includes a custom image chip designed into its phones.)

The picture element three camera mechanically shoots many photos quickly in burst mode, and a feature referred to as “Top Shot” can mechanically notice and choose the most effective image you have snapped. It conjointly has sensible zoom that uses computer code to boost details in zoomed-in pictures. Google place an enormous specialise in low-light photography and aforementioned footage in the dark work therefore well you will ne’er got to use the flash. (A flash remains enclosed although.)

Another neat feature referred to as “Screen Call” will assist you notice spam calls as they are available in. If you agree that it is a spam decision, you’ll mark it as spam and block the quantity.

Finally, there’ll be a $79 picture element Stand wireless charging accent that enables you to still use the Google Assistant. meaning you’ll see the screen and speak to your phone from across the area, use your phone as a wiser timer with details on the weather and your commute standing and a lot of. The phone also can double as a photograph frame whereas it’s wirelessly charging on the dock.

The picture element three are going to be obtainable in 3 colors: pink (Google calls it “not pink”), black and white. Pre-orders area unit open currently for $799 and it launches Gregorian calendar month. 18.


Google Home Hub:

The Google Home Hub is sort of a Google Home, with a inbuilt speaker and Google’s sensible assistant. you’ll raise it to show on the lights, lock the doors, what the weather is, however long it’ll desire get to figure and as regards to anything you’d commonly wish to understand from Google.

But, not like a Google Home, it conjointly includes a inbuilt show which will show photos and a lot of visual answers to your queries, sort of a pic of the traffic on your commute or the weather outlook. it is a tone like Amazon’s Echo Show.

Google conjointly says Home Hub doubles because the world’s “best picture frame.” you’ll use it to indicate any album you have created, or that was shared with you, once it’s idle. A feature referred to as “live albums” helps you to choose folks you would like to ascertain and so can solely show you footage of these folks. It’s mechanically updated as you transfer new footage, too.

Pre-orders begin Tuesday and it prices $149.


Google Pixel Slate

The Google Pixel Slate

The Google picture element Slate
The picture element Slate succeeds last year’s Pixelbook portable computer however, rather than having a show that folds back behind the screen for a pill expertise, the Slate includes a keyboard which will be detached from the screen. this permits it to serve a lot of like associate degree iPad professional. It still runs ChromeOS, Google’s portable computer software system that runs internet apps and golem applications.


Google Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate:

Like the iPad professional, it’s front-facing stereo speakers in order that you hear audio from either side of the device whereas observation movies, TV shows or vice. it’s 8-megapixel cameras on the front and back, as well as a camera lens on the front for video chat that enables a lot of folks to suit into the frame quickly.

Google modified the ChromeOS program in order that it caters higher to a pill kind issue, with common apps on the lowest of the screen like on associate degree iPad. Google aforementioned it’ll update ChromeOS within the background in order that users invariably have the most recent security updates.

A keyboard accent snaps onto the Slate for after you wish to use it sort of a ancient portable computer. not like what you may notice on associate degree iPad professional, however, there is a full trackpad that enables you to use a mouse. The keyboard doubles as a case once you are finished victimization it.

The picture element Slate can begin at $599 once it launches later this year. The keyboard can value an extra $199 and a stylus are going to be sold singly for $99.