Facebook launches New Smart Speaker and Facebook Launches ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal Plus’ this will allow 7 people to video call at a time

Social media company Facebook launched two Smart Speakers Portal and Portal Plus on Monday. Both of these devices have been launched for video calling and they will be able to make video calls to 7 people at a time. Apart from this, after the recent leakage of data, Facebook has taken special care of privacy and security in these devices.

Both of these devices have started in pre-booking in the US, although the company has not yet given any information about when they will be launched in India. The company has priced the portal $ 199 (about 14, 700 rupees) and the value of Portal Plus is $ 349 (about 25,800 rupees).


**Those who do not have a portal, they will also be able to call**

According to the company, both of these smart speakers are Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered and smart sound technology devices with the help of which video calling can be done.

The company said that users who do not have a portal device can also be made to video calling by connecting to this device.

In fact, these devices can make video calls to any Facebook friend. Its smart display has a Voice Control feature and can activate it by saying Hey Portal.

Its special thing is that it has also supported Amazon Alexa, which means that the commands of Alexa will also work in it.


**Privacy and security  of the user is also maintained**

After the data leak case has emerged, the company has taken special care of users’ privacy and security on these devices. The company said that its front camera can be disabled by just one tap.

Along with this, a camera cover is also provided, with the help of which the camera lens can be covered. Users will receive call notifications even after covering the camera lens.

It can also set a passcode of 12 digits. However, changing the password will require a Facebook password.

Apart from this, Facebook has clarified that the company will not record the call to Portal and Portal Plus. According to the company, it is secure between the caller collar and the receiver via this.