Champions League Live : Hoffenheim vs Manchester City, live score and latest updates

Champions League Live :

Hoffenheim 1 – 1 Manchester City

This is what I was on about earlier. You can’t even see Leroy Sane in the left of this picture because he’s so tight to the touchline that the camera can’t catch him while City have the ball on the opposite side. It’s really causing problems for Hoffenheim but it’s not as if they can do much about it. City have dominated possession and are able to get into the attacking shape they’ve worked on as a result.



Entertainment from start to finish. If we get a second half anything like that I’ll be delighted – it’s the kind of game you’d feel happy to have paid to watch. .


45 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Walker takes on his man, beats him for pace but then crosses into an empty box. Brenet has a throw-in to take, City push high into the opposition half and keep Hoffenheim at bay. It’s brilliant defending by Guardiola’s team.



44 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Laporte intercepts as a Hoffenheim attack comes to an end after Hoffenheim had intercepted a City move. End to end stuff here.



42 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Silva’s first touch is amazing. He takes the ball down, plays in Sane who also controls effortlessly at full speed while surrounded, and City’s forwards ping quick passes around the final third. Gundogan is muscled off the ball, doesn’t get a free-kick and Hoffenheim move up the pitch.

This such a good game to watch. Really open, both teams playing football.. and Ederson has just found Aguero with an incredible pass! He brings it down, moves inside the pitch and goes for the 20 yard effort… just over!

Sensational from Ederson and Aguero.



40 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Uh oh! That’s a horrible mistake by Laporte! He’s passed the ball straight back to a Hoffenheim striker and Belfodil is one on one with the goalkeeper! Great save by Ederson!



38 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Fernandinho gets in Demirbay’s way and is booked for a clear obstruction. Hoffenheim have a rare bit of time in City’s half, cross the ball into the box… and it’s headed away. Sane goes down under pressure from Akpoguma and that’s another adventure over for Nagelsmann’s side..



 36 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Kaderabek goes down in the area off the ball as he gets tangled up with Laporte while Man City have a dangerous looking free-kick. That’s a dreadful decision and now the chance is gone. Really poor refereeing.

City are stlil coming at them though and Aguero has the ball, moves inside the pitch and can see the top corner like the sun between two mountains… and shoots! What a save! That was going top corner but Baumann’s at full stretch to turn it away.


34 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Oh boy is Silva a good player. And then Sane! It’s amazing to watch, as he dribbles and drags back to go through and between about five players inside the box! Aguero has a chance to finish with a diving volley but he puts it over the bar.


30 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Laporte turns into a left winger and dribbles past one player before crossing to the back post. Belfodil is annoyed with himself for conceding another corner. So much pressure being put on the German defence here, it really feels like a matter of time before they score another.

The corner is struck with some power and met by KOMPANYYYYYY but it’s saved! And there was a free-kick for pushing or something similar in there anyway.


28 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Another short corner, bent into the area towards the six yard box and Baumann does well to punch away. City win the ball back immediately and keep up the pressure. They look menacing… and the referee has just blown his whistle for a reason I cannot figure out.

Guardiola’s being given a chat by the referee… and doesn’t seem to know what’s happened either.

26 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Sterling approaches the box from the right wing and two players come over to deal with him. Hoffenheim are scared of the City wide players – with reason to be! – and Sterling wins a corner. It’s taken short, Gundogan lifts a chipped cross to the back post… and it’s another corner.


16 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Suddenly Hoffenheim find space in the channel, try to attack, City deal with it well and then attack immediately after. Silva spins and finds Sterling running in behind, he breaks past his man, gets to the box and tries to shoot through the goalkeeper’s legs… and it’s saved! Silva has been brilliant so far tonight. Sterling unlucky.


14 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

City in control of possession at the moment, taking their time and looking for space to attack.


12 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 1

Yellow card for Otamendi as catches a player late at the halfway line and Walker does well to see the ball out for a goal kick. It’s a nice open game.



City are level!


8 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 0

Sterling goes on a run, is tripped and falls to the ground but the referee doesn’t see that as a free-kick. Fernandinho gives away a free-kick in Hoffenheim’s half. It’s a weird formation that the home team are playing, something like a 3-1-3-3.


6 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 0

Hoffenheim are dropping back to let City take the ball into their half before counter-attacking. They’re getting forwards quickly too!


4 mins – Hoffenheim 1 Man City 0

Aguero moves inside the pitch and shoots on his left foot but gets it wrong and the ball is way wide.


Oh wow! What a start for Hoffenheim! They’re 1-0 up in side a minute!



And they’re off!

Change ends

Kompany wins the toss and decides that the two teams should swap ends. I haven’t seen that since, I think, playing ISS 64.