America has Buy Military weapon system from Israel

The USA, which sells arms to the world, has made a deal to buy military weapon system ‘trophy’ from Israel to protect its armored vehicles. The USA  will get the system $ 500 million (about Rs 3,700 crore).


The trophy protects military vehicles from the attack of missiles and mortars, along with it also has the ability to destroy missiles and mortars coming to the military vehicles. It has been developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense System. In June last year, the USA  Army had purchased this system from Rafael for $ 193 million (about Rs 1,430 crore) to protect its Abermans tanks.


Now he has made a new deal to protect more tanks. Rafael is considering a plan to sell the lightweight version of the trophy to the USA military. This will protect American armored tanks Bradley and striker. The light version of the trophy also has the ability to prevent over 300 anti-tank missiles and mortars.

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