5G LTE Networks as Worthy as Dangerous …

There has been considerable change in data technology over the past few years. From 2G to 3G, 3G to 4G and now from 4G, this technology is going to move in 5G. However, it’s time to get into the mainstream now. Before the 5G rollout, it is very important for users to know about 5G technology. Many users will be interested to know whether the 5G technology will be able to fulfill their expectations. We are giving this information in the post about the advantages and disadvantages of the 5G technology in the wake of smartphones and smart devices.

                                 **First of all talk about its advantages**


**Bandwidth will be increased**


Those who do not know, tell them that bandwidth is the space or place that is provided to users to access data, download files, view pages on the Internet, and watch the video. The lower the bandwidth the device will work as slowly. A great advantage of the 5G technology is that more bandwidth will be provided in it. Just like any web page loaded on 3G technology took a lot of time. But 5G will not have such a problem. Even if many users are using data at the same time, there will be no problem with data speed.


**More bandwidth means faster speed than before**

This bandwidth will be able to use more users. In such a situation, users may be worried about the speed on the 5G network. Let me tell you that on 5G you will be able to have a faster speed than before. If talking about 3G and 4G networks, users had to spend a lot of time downloading files on these networks and watching the video. But in 5g this will not happen. Because at 5G, users will be able to browse all the web pages and watch the video and download the files at all speed. In such a situation, if every device gets more network than ever before, Smart Devices will be able to work faster than before.

**New technology will be available on 5G network**

According to some research and reports, smart devices working on 5G technology will be provided thousands of times more speed than 4G networks. The first thing that was done on computers and laptops can be done on smart devices such as email, internet access etc. There will be further increase by the introduction of 5G technology in the task that is being done on Smart Devices. With more speed in 5G technology, computer Tasks will be transferred to Smart Devices. That is, the work that can be done only from the computer can be done with smart devices. 5G Smart Device will open a new dimension for the technology. All the techniques or features will be provided on Smart Devices which have not yet been offered to them.


**Now  let’s talk about its losses**


**More bandwidth means less coverage**

The biggest advantage of 3G is that its cell towers are capable of covering large areas even with fewer cells. This is because the 3G network does not require much bandwidth. After this, when 4G technology stepped in, its sales produced more bandwidth, due to which the coverage of each cell reduced radius. With this, users have experienced that there is a lot of trouble facing the coverage on the 4G network compared to 3G networks. In such a situation, the launch of the 5G network will continue. Because more cell towers have to produce more bandwidth. In easy language, after switching from 3G to 4G, the users felt the problem of coverage in 4G. Because 3G coverage area was high. This problem will make users switch from 4G to 5G.


**Radio Frequency Can Become Hassle**

Radio Frequency is used to communicate radio, cell towers and satellite radio frequencies. Frequency is measured by Hz and the radio frequency is measured from the GHz range. It was reported some time ago that the data on the 5G network would be transmitted from 6 GHz. Please let us know that this radio frequency range is already filled with other signals like satellite links, in which it does not have space for other signals. To be understood in easy language, radio frequency can also be a big problem for 5G. Because 5G may have to face difficulties in getting a satellite signal.

However, there is considerable time for the 5G tech rollout now. In such a situation, there may be a lot of information about it now. This network of new generation has some features and flaws. But until this technology launches. Until then it will not be right to say clearly about it.

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