Whatsapp has taken a big step to control the fake News…

To prevent the fake news on the Whatapp on the facebook owned whatsapp has oppointed a Complaint officer Komal Lahiri . her duty is to remove the fake news from the whatsapp and to capture the culprit of the fake news

Komal lahiri is the Senior Director of Whatsapp, Global Customer Operations and Localization Department. Now the company has appointed her for as the Grievance Officer to control the fake news in the india .

If any user of the whats app is getting any trouble or he fells the news news saw on the whats app than he directly contact to the komal lahiri through the email address , linkedIn profile so the necessary action will will taken by her team in that news or the user can directly contact to the whatsapp support team for the support ..


INDIAN Goverment action on the Whatsapp:

Few months before government has ask for the data from the Whatsapp  of the user but the company has denied for that because they say that we breaking the rule of the privacy and security of the customer so they have not provided the data of the user to the  Indian goverment

But the government has ask them to control the fake news on the whatsapp  On this matter, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also met Whatsapp’s chief Chris Daniels. Ravishankar had said that WhatsApp has been asked to make a company to stop Fake News in India. Also, it has been asked to find out the original source that spreads any message.

Apart from this, Ravi Shankar said that finding the source of any message is not a rocket science. Just the Whatsapp app should have a mechanism to detect it.so the company has appointed the komal lahiri to com=ntrol the fake news on the whatsapp..