Trump faces internal rebellion after NY Times anonymous column

In that context, senior government officials, including the office of Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and vice president, Mike Pence, denied being behind the column.

“The vice president signs the articles he writes,” said his spokesman on Twitter. Kelly denied issuing such statements.

But both Woodward’s book and the Times column, realize that Donald Trump faces an internal rebellion and that he would not be completely in charge. In fact, the President has provoked a scenario in which some officials have taken the time to remove documents from his desk. I do not even know why we’re here. This is the worst job I have ever had, “Kelly said during a meeting with a small group, according to the book. Trump would have been so furious that he even said that The New York Times should, for National Security purposes, “deliver him / her to the government immediately!” In turn, the press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said the “coward” who wrote the column “do the right thing and resign.”




Considering that the identification used by The New York Times as “high official of the Trump administration” is broad enough to give free rein to all kinds of interpretations, almost anyone can be suspicious. “The New York Times should be ashamed, like the person who wrote this wrong, absurd and cowardly column,” he added, assuring that his team was “above such amateur maneuvers.” “The speculation that the column was written by me or my deputy is false,” US intelligence chief Dan Coats said in a statement.

In an unusual public statement, First Lady Melania Trump defended her husband yesterday and disqualified the alleged anonymous official: “For the author of this article: he does not protect this country, he sabotages it with cowardly acts,” he wrote in a statement that disclosed the CNN chain.

The controversial opinion column was published a day after The Washington Post published excerpts from investigative journalist Bob Woodward’s explosive book: Fear, Trump in the White House, in which he also notes the officials’ concern of the White House for Trump’s behavior.
In the book of the journalist who uncovered the Watergate case, which will be published on September 11, the exasperation of officials of the stature of Chief of Staff John Kelly is revealed.

“We are in an asylum. He does not behave well, “he warned. “He (Trump) is an idiot.
A shadow of suspicion and paranoia settled in the White House, after The New York Times published on Wednesday an anonymous opinion column, written by a senior government official who claims to be part of a “resistance” that works ” from within “to stop the” worst tendencies “of President Donald Trump.

The text also tells how that high official and others fight internally against the leadership of a President who qualifies as “petty,” “impetuous” and “ineffective.” According to The Washington Post, after the publication of the column a “frantic search” was unleashed in the White House and a sort of guessing game about the identity of the author. There is no point in trying to convince him of something.

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