Russia is giving S-300 missile system to Syrian Army with in two weeks…

Two weeks before the the Syrian army had shot a Russian military aircraft because of a confusion in which 15 Russian Soilders where killed. And Rsssia thinks this has happen because of the Israel  due to this incident the Russian has decide  to supply the missile system S-300  to the Syrian army  despite of the objection the Israel ..


In a press conference the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Sogy said  after this incident, Russia has been forced to increase the security of its soldiers fighting in Syria. Syria’s army will be strong with the S-300 missile system. ‘ This missile can destroy military aircraft as well as small and medium-range missiles. Israel fears that the S-300 will weaken its capacity in the air.


That is why he was trying to convince Russia so that he did not give the missile system to Syria. AS the Russia is supporting President Bashar al-Assad’s government in the ongoing war in Syria. Israel has also done several air raids in Syria. He says that these air strikes are not a threat to the Assad government; from these attacks, he is blocking the aid being sent to Hezbollah, Iran’s supporters in Lebanon.