By doing these steps you can make your old laptop like a New one ….

In Today world the most important things are our laptop ,mobiles and other tech gadgets which we use in our daily life as they contains and stored our personal information and in today world we need to keep our laptop and other gadget safe and fast to use it.                                       so today i will tell  you how make your laptop fast and make your old laptop like new one their are just few things by doing that you can easily make your laptop fast and you can also save the money by doing these things.


***Hardware updates***

If you feel that your laptop has become bad or old, then it is important to note that before changing it, it is necessary to change whether it is newer than changing or upgrading any part. Actually, if your laptop is having trouble in one of the RAM, storage, battery or graphics, instead of buying a new laptop, you can replace that part using your old laptop. For example, if you are designing, then upgrading graphics and RAM will make your work easier.



One of the biggest reasons for working slows on laptops is viruses. In fact, we search on many websites throughout the day, from which viruses enter our system on-line. Apart from this, we connect devices like pen drives, hard drives or smartphones to their laptops. Many times in our system, viruses also come in, so that our laptop starts heating quickly or slow works. In this case, download the antivirus in your system and first put it on the Boot Scan. Boot Scan scans your whole system and either repair or delete the corrupt file. After the Boot Scan, Slow working laptop will start working like a new one.


***Hard Drive***

The lack of storage in the laptop slows its speed. In such a situation, if your laptop’s storage is full, you can delete files without working in it. In addition you can also store your data on an external disk or on a cloud server.



Many times the old software used in the system that you are not using for a long time slows down your laptop. In this case, delete the software that you are not using. In addition, keep updating your laptop’s software constantly.

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