Jain muni Tarun Sagar dies at the age of 51, at 3 pm their will be Funeral

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar passed away today. He was 51 years old. Let them know that he was jaundiced 20 days ago, due to which he became very weak. The devotees from all over the country have started gathering for their visit to their place of residence.
Today, at 3 pm, he will be cremated at the Tarasansagaram Tirtha on Delhi Meerut Highway. The journey will start at 7 in the morning at Radhpuri, reaching to the city of Sarsanghat, 28 km away from Delhi.


Earlier, his condition was being described as critical. They were kept under the supervision of doctors. Prayers were being done for their health benefits in place. Only Jain monks and disciples were allowed to go in the room where they were kept. Apart from this, no one was allowed to come in.


Even on Thursday, his health suddenly got deteriorated. He was taken to the hospital for health check-up during the day, where his health had improved slightly by the evening.


Digambar Jain Mahasabha president Nirmal Sethi told that five Jain saints are coming to Delhi to see Munishri. Among them are fortunate Sagar Maharaj. In connection with the poor health of Munishri, his master Pushpadanta Sagar Maharaj had released a video message. In this, he appealed to celebrate Mahārāj’s Samadhi Mahotsav.


Let us tell you that some other Jain saints also came to meet him on Thursday evening. Munishree was jaundiced 20 days ago, but after giving her medicines, her health was not getting better. He also stopped the treatment and decided to go to the Chaturmas site.