Is Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur dating Indian Coach Ravi Shastri?

Ravi Shastri and Nimrat Kaur is in the relationship?
After the team’s India captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, the talk of Ishq between the pair is now on full swing. It is reported that Ravi Shastri, coach of the Indian cricket team and actress Nimrat Kaur is in the relationship.

According to the report of Pune Mirror, Nimrat and Ravi Shastri have been dating each other for the past two years. While their first meeting took place during the car launch of a German car company in 2015. Recently, the friendship of this couple has now changed into love.
Ravi Shastri and Nimrat Kaur?
Ravi Shastri and Nimrat Kaur
You will be surprised to know that Nimrat is 20 years younger than Ravi. She has worked in many Bollywood films. Although he is not seen in films these days. Ravi Shastri is 56 years old. In 1990, he married Ritu Singh. Ravi also has a daughter. Ravi’s name has already been associated with Amrita Singh. It is believed that in the 80’s, Ravi also dated them.