Apple’s new iPhone Is coming with eSim, Get know what eSim does, how it works and its benefits….

In its 2018 event, Apple has introduced Dual SIM technology in the new iPhone. This eliminates the need for plastic card carrying chip holders. In ordinary language eSIM is a SIM card that can be installed on the device board only. Along with this, other operators of the company are also in talks. With this eSIM can not be changed like a physical SIM. The only thing to be clear about is how to stop the eSIM in the phone and change the operator.

Is eSIM support available in India?

Only eSIM support offers Airtel and Reliance Jio in India. It’s been a lot of time for Android smartphones to adopt dual sim technology. However, eSIM is currently being seen in the iPhone itself. This feature can not be said unless it is common. Keep in mind, Vodafone is a global operator and it may be that this operator does not support eSIM in India.

Firstly know eSIM History: In 2016 Samsung Gear S2 was the first device to support 3G eSim. Its size is 6mm by 5mm which will be mounted on the motherboard of the iPhone. But the iPhone finally adopted this feature. eSIM eliminates the need for all these things. This chip size is quite small, but it fulfills all the normal SIM functions.

Benefits of eSim: eSIM is not like a physical SIM card. This can be seen in the future in the telecom sector by pricing war. eSim lets users switch operators without changing SIM card. This means that dual SIM usage can be used when your operator eSIM supports. Both companies have launched special cellular services to support the new network.

Pricing War: After coming into the mainstream of eSIM, operators can find it difficult to keep consumers with them. If you are thinking of taking an iPhone then now you will be able to use two sims in a phone.

However, in all countries except China, the dual SIM connectivity available in the iPhone will come with the inbuilt eSIM slot in the phone with the regular SIM tray. This feature of dual SIM connectivity will attract users in India, China and other Asian countries. After this it was also seen in cellular enabled iPads and Google pixels 2.

What is eSim?

ESim is a small, re-programmed removable SIM card, different from physical SIM. You must have seen the SIM card holder tray, plastered card and locking technology in your phone. The company had told the event that Airtel, Geo and Vodafone are included in the eSIM supporting list. However, this technology came into spotlight after coming to Apple Watch Series 3. Due to its small size it can also be used in Smartwatch.