Curiosity clicked out Mars’s Rare pictures………

American space agency NASA’s Curiosity Rover has captured a bird’s picture of Mars. In this picture, the sky of the red planet is visible in red and brown, which has been deeper due to the dusty storm that has been there for the past few weeks.




Curiosity brought this picture of Mars from its present position to Veera Rubin Ridge. Rover himself has taken a photograph from the mast camera, in which the thick layer of dust is also visible above the vehicle. Rover’s work was also affected due to the storm over the past few months. NASA launched Curiosity in November 2011 to study the Gal Planet of the Red Planet. Scientists estimate that this crater is formed by the dryness of a lake.




After taking a new sample of rock on August 9, Curiosity started a survey of its surroundings. Earlier, Rover had tried to take samples twice but due to tough rocks, he was failing. By September, the rover will raise two more samples of the rock. After this the Curiosity research will grow towards its final field Mount Sharpe. This area is full of sulfate minerals.

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