Alibaba group is developing the  quantum chips to increase the strength of the Alibaba group….

The e-commerce giant  Alibaba group is developing the  quantum chips to increase the strength of the Alibaba group  and roots its like the industries like logistics, finance, materials and pharmaceuticals, including the e-commerce.

The Alibaba Chief Technology officer Jeff Zhang at the group said that “Our DAMO Academy is developing quantum chips to power solutions for a range of industries, including e-commerce, logistics, finance, materials and pharmaceutics,” at the cloud computing  conference  2018.

Jeff also said  on the occassion annual tech event  they will launch  the AI(Artificial intelligence) inference chip  be in year 2019 and it will be use for the autonomous driving and  for the industrial use  .He also added that “We are confident that our advantages in algorithm, data intelligence, computing power and domain knowledge on the back of our diverse ecosystem will enable us to lead real technology breakthroughs in disruptive areas, such as quantum and chip technology,” Zhang said at the inaugural session of the four-day conference.

Alibaba has also announced to setting up the AI chips  and embedded processors to support the new technologies like IOT and Cloud Storage and which is good for the industries.

The Academy is the group of the people who develope the new disruptive technologies for the cloud and the Internet of things and explore the new ways to implement these new things in the  spanning logistics, materials and pharma which require greater computing power to achieve technology breakthroughs.

Zhang also said  about the Academy that “We have been a leading innovator in cloud computing and AI since our announcement two years ago to transform the group into a technology powerhouse, The academy’s achievements over the past year underlies our commitment to technology leadership,”

The academy will also spur R&D in AI chips for training on the cloud and IoT applications and build a cloud-based IoT infrastructure, with computational power for the company’s data centres and IoT businesses like smart homes and smart logistics.

The Academy will also develope the R&D in AI chips for the cloud and IoT based infrastructure  to make the smart homes and logistics. with team of the 300 researchers worldwide the academy is doing research on the machine learning  ,robotics and quantum computing.

The company also announced ‘Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition’ to groom the next-generation math geniuses and raise awareness about the importance of this subject.

The tech summit is being held after a week after Alibaba founder-chairman Jack Ma announced on September 10 that he would step down and make way for Chief Executive Daniel Zhang to succeed him in September 2019.

Alibaba is headquartered in Hangzhou..

The ninth edition of the tech fest is featuring latest trends in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchains..

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