THE New Apple’s iOS 12 beta version is has something very intersting ..


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Apple has  promise a lots wit its IOS 12 update like better performance,  grouped notifications and the coveted Pixar-like emoji’s .

but its pre launch beta never told the special surprise feature for everyone which is  on its  public beta version today, their is a bug which is showing the update notification every time you unlock your phone , without any option to actually install the update .


It’s not the end of the world, of course — a quick tap on “close” and the notification disappears — but it sure is annoying, and doesn’t really fill anyone with great hopes for a smooth roll out when the update becomes available generally.


it’s not a big problem by pressing  on the “close tap” the notification gets close –but its  something which you never want in your phone it is very irritating bug  which always come when you unlock the phone , Apple will fix this bug as soon as possible till than enjoy your new ios update.

author :manoj jadhav