North Korea: Russia has imposed a ban on publication of UN sanctions report on North Korea.


Russia has banned the publication of UN Report on the implementation of sanctions against North Korea, because it disagrees with some findings. Russia’s ambassador has informed about this. Before the formal publication of the report it was seen by many media organizations.


After participating in the 15-member UN Security Council meeting on Thursday, Vasili Nabinja told reporters, “The report has been banned since the release of the report, because we disagree with some elements of the report and conduct of the business”.

A diplomatic source told on condition of anonymity that in the report of the UN, Russia is mainly objectionable, in which it has been stated that North Korea has exceeded its imported imported quantity in 2018 as per the restrictions .

In the UN 62 page report, there is also a breach of ban on North Korean exports of coal, iron, seafood and other products, which is collecting millions of dollars of revenue for the government of North Korea’s President Kim Jong-un.

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