If everything is in accordance with the plan, then in 2022, India will be one of the countries which are capable of sending people in space. There are just three countries in this list. Russia first achieved this achievement. He made history by sending Yuri Gagarin to space in 1961. Then the US reiterated this feat and the third achievement came into the account of China. It is estimated that China was successful in 2003, and no other space agency has been able to do so in the last decade and a half, while the world’s technology is continuously sophisticated. Has been there. Obviously, if Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is successful in this campaign, then its dunk will be around the world. This mission has been named Gaganayan.


ISRO is progressing with the same goal, which was reflected in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in the Red Fort. He said that in 2022, when 75 years of independence of the country could be fulfilled or if possible, before that, there should be no red, whether son or daughter, of India mother, into space. Given the achievements of ISRO so far, sending the human in space may be considered as a definite process, but it was a big announcement. It is possible that in this, their political thinking is hidden in it. In the middle of next year, he is going to contest. Therefore, this announcement will also be seen in an effort to create an electoral atmosphere in its favor. But the truth is that the Prime Minister knows best about using ‘Space Technology’. The way Geo Tagging is made mandatory in the works done under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), it is being proved to be very effective in bringing transparency in this scheme.


It is also being said that ISRO could do this task of sending man in space very long ago. Of course, ISRO already has quite a good technology. He has also made excellent rockets. In the launch itself, his hands are smooth. Due to good satellites and rockets, there should not be delay in sending the person to space. But the other side of this is that our GSLV Mark II was failing and due to international upheaval, especially during the second term of the UPA government, our economy was not on track. Now our economic health is improved and in the rate of success, we have proven twenty over all other space agencies. So this is the right time to move fast towards human mission.


In the path of human mission we now have to face hardships very hard. Gagannan will be sent to space from GSLV Mark-3 rocket. This is our most powerful and successful rocket. That’s why I also call it the ‘Rocket’s Bahubali’. Not only this, the ISRO crew has tested the module in 2014 itself. The crew module is the same structure in which astronauts sit and return home safely. We have already prepared the ‘space suit’. It is clear that now as a project, it is late to pursue this mission. ISRO also said that he will send the first two unmanned aircraft and then the human mission.


The success of ‘Gaganayan Mission’ also gives hope that the promises made by ISRO so far have been fulfilled. Chandrayaan has left it on time and also Mangalyaan. For Gaganayan, he needs nine billion rupees, which is not a huge amount for emerging economic power like India. Again, this mission will generate about 15,000 new jobs and people’s ambitions will be fulfilled in the coming time.


Yes, there are a couple of difficulties that need to be removed quickly as soon as possible. For example, ISRO’s concern is that she does not have good experts in ‘biological scientist’ and ‘human medical system’ right now. Those life-saving mechanisms will be created for astronauts, there is a great need for these experts. It may be sought for help from the Indian Air Force and the Institute of Aerospace Medicine. The good thing is that ISRO is telling its ‘Gaganayan Mission’ rather than a personal mission rather than a ‘national mission’. That is, it is not a private project of ISRO but a nation’s project. Obviously, moving forward with this approach will make ISRO’s job easier.


The challenge is also to be a successful launch of GSLV Mark-3. So far only one successful launch has happened. If one of its launches fails in the coming days, then this plan of sending human beings in space can take place. However, along with ISRO, all the expectations of the people that such a threat will not come out and we will be successful. ISRO’s failure rate is quite low. It strengthens our trust.


India is in a very good position in the field of space. We are making ourselves own rockets. The satellite is also ready. In the application, we are the top only. We have also mastered making satellites and launching them at a lower cost. In this case, our mission with this mission remains on the future of the future, when the people on the Moon and Mars will settle. ISRO is flying on the same side. If needed, we will also be able to settle there in the colony. Gaganayan will prove to be a mission to bring us closer to this dream.